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2000 Points of Light


On any given night of the year from a dark, rural location, 2,000 stars light up the sky.


You can light up the sky over Perkins Observatory in the same way. Rising costs have made it increasingly difficult for its small but dedicated staff to engage in its public mission: to show the people of Central Ohio the wonder and majesty of the universe they live in.


Over the years, we have reduced our staff to the bare bones. With the switch of our Building Superintendent to part-time status, Perkins no longer has a single full-time employee. Despite those reductions, we have managed to increase our public activities and the number of people, especially children, we serve.


Those of you who love the night sky have been extraordinarily generous with both your time and financial help, and we thank you. Now, we need your help one more time.


If 2,000 people, 2,000 Points of Light, will contribute $200 each, we can continue our mission unimpaired.


Half of your gift will go into the Perkins Endowment, the interest on which will keep us open for decades to come. The other $100 will be used to make building repairs (including much- needed repairs to our roof), build new exhibits and displays, and help with ongoing costs.


To show our gratitude, we will associate your name (or the name of any honoree you pick) with one of the over 2,000 stars on our large, publicly-displayed star map. (Sorry, we get to pick the star). We will also send you a certificate honoring your help, mention your contribution in our newsletter, and add you to the monthly newsletter mailing list at your request.


Families, corporations, and fraternal organizations need not limit themselves to a single Point of Light.

Why not honor several -- or many -- members of your group by making them a “star” on our map?


You can mail your contribution by using the handy form on the right .

If you become a Point of Light, Perkins can continue its public stargazing sessions for many years to come.












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