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Art Show


May 13, 2005

Co-sponsored by the Ohio Art League and the Columbus Astronomical Society

Perkins hosted its first art show. Here are some pictures of the event.

The artwork

(Click Image to see larger view)
artshow2008_small artshow2007_small artshow2004_small artshow2001_small
artshow009_small artshow008_small artshow007_small artshow006_small
artshow003 artshow011 artshow010

Home built telescopes.

artshow012_small artshow014_small

The crowd enjoys the show.

artshow013_small artshow015_small artshow016_small artshow018_small
Below: images by Jay Elkes
DSC00095_small DSC00086_small DSC00090_small DSC00089_small DSC00088_small
DSC00087_small DSC00091_small DSC00094_small

Artist Eileen McConkey

Click image to visit her website

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