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We are always on the lookout for certain items. If you have something you would like to donate, please give us a call and see if it is something we might have use for. Don't trash it before calling us! who knows, it might be something we need!

While almost anything might be of use to us (furniture, lumber, picture frames, tools, telescopes, books, etc. etc.), there are a few specific items we have need of right now. Some of the items on our "wish list" are below.

Picnic Tables

Perkins has a small picnic area with a couple of tables. They come in handy when small groups of people or families want to eat lunch or dinner on our beautiful grounds. But when we have large daytime groups of school children, there are not enough seats to go around. If you have an old (or new) picnic table that you are not using, please give us a call. we can even come out and pick it up from you!

Baby Changing Tables

We do get lots of families at our programs, and many of them have small children in diapers. Right now, we don't really have a good place for babies to be changed. While everyone has managed so far, we would really like to get a good used changing table for our guests to use. If we could get a couple of changing tables, we could have one for the men's restroom as well as for the ladies. That way, Perkins will be nice and non-sexist.

Computers and Software

The library at Perkins has many used computers running astronomy programs for our guests to enjoy. We are always seeking to upgrade and improve these computers to keep them as up-to-date as possible. Perkins can use Macintosh or PC computers.
-- Right now, we are only taking high-end G4 Macintosh computers or Pentium 3 and above PC's.
Software (especially about astronomy), and other related items may be needed as well.
-- We are not currently accepting printers (unless they are laser printers), Monitors (unless over 17"), Mice, or Keyboards.
Please call us first to see if what you have is something we need.

Astronomy Toys and Memorabilia

Perkins is constantly trying to improve its exhibits. One of the ideas we have is a large display case full of toys and other items about space exploration. Models, photographs, key chains, commemorative glasses, toys, stamps, or just about anything else could be used. They don't even have to be very old (after all, someday everything will be an antique). If you have such items, but do not want to just give them away, perhaps you would consider loaning them to us to display. Don't forget that if you do want to donate them, it can be a great tax write-off for you!

Display Cases

Going along with our desire to improve our exhibits, we could also use some nice cases to put them in. If you have something you think we could use, please call us and somebody can come out and look it over to see if it meets our needs.

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