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We have developed a few of our own educational materials. Have a look!


SEASONAL STAR MAPS pdficon A COMET in Your Kitchen
pdficon It's Spring! Follow the Arc pdficon Build Your Own Rocket
pdficon The Summer Triangle pdficon Craters of the Moon
pdficon The Stars of Autumn pdficon Timeline of Modern Astronomy
pdficon The Winter Ellipse pdficon Relative Size of the Planets
Make Your Own Planisphere pdficon Phases of the Moon pdficon Solar Viewing Pinhole Box


All materials above are copyright © 1995 - 2004 by Perkins Observatory. All rights reserved. Produced for use by Perkins Observatory. Permission is granted for unlimited reproduction of these materials by any recognized astronomy association or legitimate educational institution with the following provisions:

1) You may not charge for reproduction or distribution of these materials, nor may they be offered as an inducement to purchase any other product.
2) You may not alter the materials in any way.
3) You may not remove or alter the copyright notices.
4) You must ask permission before posting them on another web site.

Exceptions to these provisions may be granted on a case by case basis. Written permission is required in each case (go ahead and ask - we will probably grant permission). For the most part, we are more interested in promoting astronomy, educating the public, and receiving proper credit rather than collecting money. However, if you abuse or misuse these materials, we will prosecute to the full extent of the law. We reserve the right to change the conditions for the use of these materials at any time, without notice.



Would you like to build a FREE paper model of a spacecraft or satellite?



We cannot take credit for any of the spacecraft models below. They were found on the web at various NASA sites and other places. Most of them are public domain, but some of them ARE copyrighted, so be sure to check the documentation first before you distribute them.

Cassini Great Observatories NEAR
pdficon Instructions Hubble Space Telescope
Compton GRO
Chandra X-ray Observatory
pdficon Parts and Instruction
pdficon Instructions
pdficon Parts pdficon Parts (page 1)
pdficon Simplified Version pdficon Parts (page 2)
Mars Polar Lander Galileo Lunar Prospector
pdficon Instructions Instructions Instructions
pdficon Parts pdficon Parts (page 1) pdficon Parts (page 1)
pdficon Parts (page 2) pdficon Parts (page 2)
Mars '98 Orbiter pdficon Parts (page 3)
pdficon Instructions pdficon Parts (page 4) ACE
pdficon Parts pdficon Parts (page 5) (Advanced Composition Explorer)
pdficon Parts (page 6) pdficon ACE Fact Sheet
Space Shuttle Glider pdficon Instructions
pdficon Instructions & Parts Solar System Puzzle pdficon Parts
Not a spacecraft, but fun for the kids! pdficon Simplified Version
Genesis pdficon Instructions & Parts
pdficon Instructions V-2 Rocket
pdficon Parts (page 1) Terriers The German terror weapon of WWII which provided the catalyst for the space race!
Get it at this web site
pdficon Parts (page 2) pdficon Instructions & Parts
pdficon Parts (page 3)  
Stardust N-1 Rocket
  Instructions The Soviet Union's giant moon rocket! (which never flew successfully)
Get it at this web site
pdficon Parts  
Pioneer 10 Mars Pathfinder Landsat 7
jpeg Parts Sheet 1 jpegParts Sheet 1 jpeg Parts Sheet 1
jpeg Parts Sheet 2 jpeg Parts Sheet 1a jpeg Parts Sheet 2
jpeg Parts Sheet 3 jpeg Parts Sheet 2 jpeg Parts Sheet 3
jpeg Parts Sheet 4 jpeg Parts Sheet 3 jpeg Parts Sheet 4
jpeg Parts Sheet 5 jpeg Parts Sheet 4  
jpeg Parts Sheet 6 jpeg Parts Sheet 5 Nozomi
jpeg Parts Sheet 6 Nozomi (also called "Planet-B") is a Japanese spacecraft on its way to Mars! The instructions are in Japanese too, so you are on your own with this one.
RXTE jpeg Parts Sheet 7
jpeg Parts Sheet 1 jpeg Parts Sheet 8
jpeg Parts Sheet 2 jpeg Parts Sheet 9 jpeg Instructions & Parts

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