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Perkins Endowment Fund!


We Need YOUR Help to Survive!!

WHY Should you help us? There are Four excellent reasons:


1.The Ohio State University has stopped funding Perkins

Between 1935 and 1998, OSU and the Ohio Wesleyan University had an agreement where OSU provided essential funding to Perkins Observatory in exchange for use of the 69-inch telescope (now in Arizona).

However, OSU entered into agreements with other universities for use of newer, larger research telescopes. Because of this, on July 31st, 1998 OSU ended its yearly contributions to our operating budget.


2. This funding is essential for our public programs

We can't operate without money. Our staff is dedicated and committed to serving the public, but we have to feed our families. In addition to meeting payroll, the nearly 90 year old building needs continuous maintenance, we need to purchase supplies and materials, pay the utility bills, etc.



Perkins Observatory serves over 40,000 guests each year. It is the only place in central Ohio which allows members of the general public to look through a large telescope out into the wonders of the universe. Some of our many services include:

- Educational talks on astronomy for people of all ages
- A monthly lecture series for an adult audience
- Tours of our historically important building
- Exhibits on astronomy and space exploration
- Programs away from Perkins for schools and other groups
- Special programs like the recent Hale-Bopp open house
- Meetings of the Columbus Astronomical Society

4. We can only continue our programs with YOUR HELP!

Perkins Observatory is raising money for an endowment fund. An endowment is a bank account which produces cash on a continuous basis by collecting interest. The money in the endowment itself is never spent. If we can raise a large enough endowment, our programs can go on indefinitely!


Our Goal is $2,000,000!

With two million dollars, an endowment fund would generate $100,000 each year. This is a 5% payout rate, which will allow for principal growth as well. This would be enough to maintain our programs at their current level indefinitely. With more money, we can expand our programs and add more exhibits, hire more staff, and conduct more and better programs.

The endowment currently contains just over $ 1,500,000!! This is more than 3/4 of our goal already!

Please write "Endowment Fund" in the memo part of your check. You will receive a letter from Ohio Wesleyan University acknowledging your donation for tax purposes.


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