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Cloudy Nights Buy or sell a used telescope!.
Astronomy Picture of the Day Archive VERY cool site, always with something new!
Big Ear! (the OSU Radio Observatory) Once our neighbor, now sadly just a memory.
Columbus Astronomical Society Home Page Astro-nerds forever!
Heavens Above Track the ISS, see Iridium satellite flares, and much more!
Lowell Observatory Where the old Perkins telescope now resides.
Lunar Exploration The history of the Apollo Program.
NASA Asteroid Site Interested in space rocks? Check out this NASA site..
NASA Astroventure For kids of all ages.
OWU Astronomy Club And the Student Observatory at Ohio Wesleyan University.
SETI at Home You too can join in the search for ExtraTerrestrial life!
Sky and Telescope Magazine An excellent publication! A good site for up-to-date astronomical news. Too commercial, but a lot of good information..

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Light Pollution Links

Perkins Observatory struggles to insure that our skies stay dark in spite of commercial development along State Route 23. We provide these links so that anyone interested and concerned about our future can find out more information about light pollution and its cure.

International Dark-Sky Association The premier organization dedicated to GOOD outdoor lighting AND arkastronomy-friendly skies!
A Video on the Hidden Costs of Light Pollution

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How to Buy an Astronomical Telescope


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More Links!

Astronomy Departments
Arizona State University Physics & Astronomy Department
Institute of Astronomy - University of Cambridge
Ohio State University - Department of Astronomy
Some Other Observatories
European Southern Observatory
Isaac Newton Group
Warren-Rupp Observatory
Astronomy Organizations - Professional and Amateur
American Association of Amateur Astronomers
Astronomical Society of the Pacific
Astronomical Society of South Australia
Astronomical League
Eclipse Chasers
International Astronomical Union
International Occultation Timers Association
Mars Society
National Deep Sky Observers Society
Planetary Society
The Webb Society
Astronomy Related Publications
Universe Today
Radio Astronomy
Deep Space Network
National Radio Astronomy Observatory
Astronomy Link Pages - THOUSANDS of links!
Astronomy Resources
Planet Search Info
Extra Solar Planets Encyclopedia
Geneva Extra Solar Planet Search
Planet Search Project
Astronomy Software - Most for FREE!
Astro Software
Sky Charts
Virtual Atlas of the Moon / Downloads
Space Agencies
European Space Agency
Space Based Observatories
Hubble Heritage - Pretty Pictures
Hubble Space Telescope
Space Weather - Yes, Space has weather too!
Today's Space Weather
Space Weather Resources

Not necessarily related to astronomy links.

Particle Physics
CERN Particle Accelerator
CERN2 A Mirror Site to CERN
Geography and Geology
American Geophysical Union (AGU)
US Geological Survey
Earth History
Public Seismic Network
Dinosauria On-Line
Find Dinosaur Pictures
Science and Educational Supplies
Edmund Scientifics
Laboratory Network
Quality Electronic Kits
Radio Shack

General Science Organizations

Federation of American Scientists
Smithsonian Institute
Society for Amateur Scientists

General science publications that sometimes include Astronomy

Cambridge University Press
Science Daily
Science Magazine
Scientific American

Bad Science - A couple of these sites mostly cover Biological Evolution, but they do occasionally have info about the Big Bang. WARNING : The forums are host to some unique people with unique views.

The Talk. Origins Archive: Exploring the Creation/Evolution Controversy
Google: talk. origins Forum
CA Regional WS - Jet Stream Predictions
GOES - Satellite
National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration
National Weather Service
Real-Time Weather

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