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New Vistas in Astronomy

Adult Lecture Series

This lecture series meets on one Thursday night each month, and is geared toward a more adult audience. It is a "mini-course" in astronomy, in which OSU and OWU professors discuss their current research and any new findings in their area of expertise!

Tickets are $10 for each lecture. Tickets for the entire series are available at a discount.

We have a capacity of 80 guests. Please call us and purchase your ticket in advance.  (740)-363-1257

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2018 Dates

All lectures begin at 8pm on a Thursday night unless otherwise noted.
Date Theme Lecturer
January 18 News from the Cosmic Microwave Background

David Weinberg

February 8

The Kilodegree Extremely Little Telescope: Hot Planets Around Hot Stars

Scott Gaudi

March 8 Using Supermassive Black Holes to Destroy Stars Like Our Sun

Chris Kochanek

April 12 Black Holes: The Story of Gravitation from Newton to Einstein & Beyond

Michael Stamatikos

May 10 Fundamental Physics from Sky Surveys

Paul Martini

June 14 Neutrino Astronomy Made Easy

John Beacon

July 12 TBD

Robert Harmon, OWU

August 9 TBD

Chris Hirata

September 13 A Bright Vision for Dark Matter

Annika Peter

October 11 Adding up the Light Elements in Nearby Galaxies

Richard Pogge

November 8 The Golden Path: Formation of the Heavy Elements

Jennifer Johnson

December 13 The Bigger Better Space Telescope

Brad Peterson

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