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New Vistas in Astronomy

Adult Lecture Series

Tickets are $10 for each lecture. Tickets for the entire series are available at a discount.

We have a capacity of 80 guests. Please call us and purchase your ticket in advance.  (740)-363-1257

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2021 Dates

All lectures begin at 8pm on a Thursday night unless otherwise noted.


Date Theme Lecturer
Jan 21st Opening a Door of Knowledge by Gravitational Waves Sultana Nahar
Feb 11th Willy Fowler and the Nucleus of Carbon Jennifer Johnson
Mar 18th Legacy of The Hubble Space Telescope: Celebrating Over Three Decades of Discovery Michael Stamatikos
Apr 15th Double Trouble: Interacting Binary Stars Marc Pinsonneault
May 13th Black Holes Near and Far Todd Thompson
Jun 10th Dark Matters Annika Peter
Jul 15th The Hunt For Alien Worlds – More Than Three Decades Of Extra-Solar Planet Searches David Martin
Aug 12th Meet our New Robot Masters: The Sloan Robotic Fiber Positioning System Rick Pogge
Sep 16th Searching for Life on Other Planets Ji Wang
Oct 14th Unraveling the Mystery of Cosmic Acceleration Paul Martini
Nov 11th TBD Christopher Kochanek
Dec 9th Our Little Home in the Vast Milky Way: What We Learn from the Nearest Stars Don Terndrup

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This lecture series meets on one Thursday night each month, and is geared toward a more adult audience. It is a "mini-course" in astronomy, in which OSU and OWU professors discuss their current research and any new findings in their area of expertise!