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New Vistas in Astronomy

Adult Lecture Series

This lecture series meets on one Thursday night each month, and is geared toward a more adult audience. It is a "mini-course" in astronomy, in which OSU and OWU professors discuss their current research and any new findings in their area of expertise!

Tickets are $10 for each lecture. Tickets for the entire series are available at a discount.

We have a capacity of 80 guests. Please call us and purchase your ticket in advance.  (740)-363-1257

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2017 Dates

All lectures begin at 8pm on a Thursday night unless otherwise noted.
Date Theme Lecturer
January 19

Universe Through Atoms

Sultana N Nahar

February 9

Shake, Rattle and Roll: The Time Domain Revolution in Stellar Astrophysics

Marc Pinsonneault

March 9

Diesel Soot in Space

Chris Kochanek

April 13

Both Eyes Wide Open: The Large Binocular Telescope

Rick Pogge

May 11

Where Did the Atoms In Your Body Come From?

David Weinberg

June 8

Primordial Harmonics: Sound Lessons from the Cosmic Microwave Background

Robert Harmon, OWU

July 13

Hunting for Wild Antarctic Astro-Particles

Jordan C. Hanson (CCAPP Fellow)

August 10

Total Eclipse, Total Failure: Expeditions That Didn’t Go As Planned

Barbara Ryden

September 14

Seeing the Universe Through Radio Eyes

Adam Leroy

October 12

Astronomy in the Era of Big Data and Giant Surveys

Don Terndrup

November 9

All-Sky Automated Survey for Supernovae(ASAS-SN)

Kris Stanek

December 14

Seeing the Dark Universe with Gravitational Lensing

Ami Choi
(CCAPP Fellow)

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