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New Vistas in Astronomy

Adult Lecture Series

This lecture series meets on one Thursday night each month, and is geared toward a more adult audience. It is a "mini-course" in astronomy, in which OSU and OWU professors discuss their current research and any new findings in their area of expertise!

Tickets are $10 for each lecture. Tickets for the entire series are available at a discount.

We have a capacity of 80 guests. Please call us and purchase your ticket in advance.  (740)-363-1257

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2019 Dates

All lectures begin at 8pm on a Thursday night unless otherwise noted.
Date Theme Lecturer
Jan 17th

General Relativity and Gravity Waves - Ripples in the Structure of Reality 

Don Stevens, OWU
Feb 21st

When Stars Collide!

Barbara Ryden, OSU

Mar 14th


Ji Wang, OSU 

Apr 11th

Sounding Out the Age of the Galaxy

Marc Pinsonneault, OSU

May 9th

Why do the Stars Shine?

Sultana N. Nahar, OSU

Jun 13th

Climate Change on Earth, Mars, and Venus 

Robert Harmon, OWU
Jul 11th

Hidden in Plain Sight: Illuminating the Low Surface Brightness Universe with Next Generation Wide-field Surveys

Johnny Greco, OSU

Aug 8th

Elemental Stories

David Weinberg, OSU
Sep 12th

Tracking Them Down - The First Modern All-sky Search for Variable Stars

Chris Kochanek, OSU

Oct 10th

Georges Lemaitre -- The Holy Father of the Big Bang

Chris Orban, OSU

Nov 14th

A Century of Eclipsing Binary Stars

Don Terndrup, OSU 

Dec 12th

Black Holes: Monsters of the Cosmos

Mike Stamatikos, OSU

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